WFH desk setup

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Photo of my WFH desk setup
Photo of my WFH desk setup

I think I started working from home towards the end of Feb 2020 following government guidelines advising people to work from home (if they could). I remember my boss telling me one afternoon, “make sure you take your laptop home”, in case we got an email informing us we should work from home.

Since then I have moved to various spots in the flat, starting out in one corner of the living room, before shuffling clockwise to the next corner after a couple of months and the next a little while after that. I also had a few brief spells in my eldest daughter’s bedroom when home schooling was introduced.

I have settled next to the large window in the corner of the bedroom that my two younger daughters share. You might just be able to make out the antlers of a stuffed (toy) reindeer above the laptop monitor to the left and a small slither of the library on the right. The view from the window is really nice too, especially when the sun is out.

View from WFH window into the neighbours garden where a nice green lawn and beautiful trees can be seen basking in the sun
View from WFH window

I’m pretty settled here for now. I have been in to the office on a few occasions, but it’s quite strange when it’s so sparsely occupied and you’re not amongst the same colleagues as before, so most of the time I’m opting to work from home. It does come with a few benefits, such as being able to do the school run and the occasional impromptu egg sandwich for elevenses 🍳 😋