Not a JavaScript wizard

Posted by on 6.28.22 in Web Development

A proper wizard posing beside an old monitor with some JavaScript code
A proper wizard posing beside an old monitor with some JavaScript code

It’s the tagline of this blog, so I thought I’d better explain why. During a 1-1 session one of my past managers told me something along the lines of: “you’re great at working with people, but you’re not a JavaScript wizard”. I’m working on trying to be more objective, but I do tend to take things to heart and on that occasion my confidence was a little bruised. It wasn’t until later that I started to understand that it was actually a compliment as well.

Just over 10 years ago, I embarked on a career change, ditching the tie and polished shoes necessary for a corporate sales job and reaching for the jeans and T-shirt, typical with web developers the world over. It’s probably due to this unconventional path that I have always suffered a little from imposter syndrome. This was particularly true in the first couple of jobs I had, to the extent that I used to avoid talking about my past work experience for fear of embarrassment or being ousted.

When I received that comment from my manager, I felt as if I had been found out and initially it made me feel pretty insecure. I have recently started to understand that, not only was my previous work experience also valuable, but the fact that I didn’t take my web development knowledge for granted, motivated me to keep learning.

So, although JavaScript is the programming language I am most familiar with, I stand by that statement that I am “not a JavaScript wizard”, and the reason I feel more comfortable with it now is because I am learning that being a developer or heaven forbid an engineer (I don’t know why but I also struggle with being referred to as that, as if I am not worthy of the title), is so much more than the proficiency within a particular programming language.