Investing in communities

Posted by on 12.27.21 in Uncategorized

As part of my end of year reflection I have also been thinking about what topics I should learn in the coming year. I believe that it’s important to think about the community that supports a particular technology as well as to consider how innovative the technology itself is. That’s the reason that year after year I still choose to spend a bit of time learning a bit more about WordPress. It might not be the trendiest of tech right now, but it has stood the test of time and still appears to have a healthy share of the market and a thriving community to go with it.

Another reason why I am keen to advance my WordPress skills is because of the plugins available that allow you to create e-commerce websites. In particular I am keen to learn about WooCommerce as that seems to be quite an established solution. Hopefully I will be able to find a side project to put these skills into practice.

As part of my work with Yell we have been working a lot with Vue.js and it makes sense for me to invest a bit more time learning some of the more advanced concepts. I have signed up for a yearly subscription with Vue Mastery so I am hoping to make the most of it and share some of the lessons I learn here on this blog.

Handling data is another important thing I want to learn and as part of my subscription with Vue Mastery I get access to content covering GraphQL and also Pinia which is a Vuex alternative.

That should keep me pretty busy I reckon. I’m thinking this could potentially culminate in the development of a WordPress theme that could benefit from all the above. We’ll see…