Happy new year (respect each other)

Posted by on 1.1.22 in Uncategorized

This afternoon at my cousin’s house in Sicily, we had the inevitable conversation about Covid. We agreed on the fact that we should not be forced to get vaccinated, however we disagreed on whether or not we should actually get vaccinated. In a room of 7 adults only my wife and I were vaccinated.

Some of the regulations in Italy are becoming increasingly prohibitive; for example students not being permitted to catch a bus to school or people not allowed to have a meal in a restaurant unless they are vaccinated.

The media doesn’t do enough to represent both points of view and they seem to be quite biased towards getting vaccinated. I do understand how this can be disconcerting and this only serves to encourage a polarization of opinions and a disregard for someone who does not agree with you.

Happy new year! Let’s try to respect each other and our opinions.