Thoughts on contribution in an Agile Scrum team

Posted by on 4.4.22 in Uncategorized

Recently the company I work for have been focusing more on native iOS and Android apps. The web platform is seen as a necessary part of the journey, but it feels like the senior management team aren’t really excited about it. I guess, it’s part of a trend that has been around for a while now. I was on the Rightmove mobile website this morning and on several occasions I was prompted to install the app. They even made the cross button to dismiss the promotion so small that it was really difficult to click.

I believe it’s important to give people the choice to use a platform that is convenient to them without missing out on any useful features. Working in an industry that changes as much as the web can sometimes give you the feeling that you are always playing catch-up and to a certain extent I think we always are, but not necessarily in the areas that we think. From an engineering perspective it’s easy to get caught up with worrying about learning the latest version of a popular frontend framework, however, working in an Agile Scrum team, it becomes apparent how learning to collaborate with others is more of a priority.

You can learn so much from a few pairing sessions working in an area that is not familiar to you. This week I have spent some time writing automation acceptance tests in Java, and thanks to my colleague, who helped me through it, I actually found it quite fun. I think we all want to feel like we are contributing, but we have to remember that we can do this in many different ways and that we don’t have to be limited by our expertise. There are many cases when it makes sense to create a user journey on the web, or where it can leverage a native app journey, but when it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean that I can’t add value to the team. I can use times when we are focusing on other platforms as opportunities to learn more about a different area, which in the future will help me to collaborate with people with different skillsets as I will have a better understanding of what their work involves.