Why Should I Blog?

Posted by on 9.9.23 in Ways of Working

Someone typing on a MacBook with a well used keyboard wearing a yellow ochre cardigan, a smart watch and what looks like an engagement ring.
Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

Ever since I started learning about web design and development, I have been interested in blogging. The posts I published in the past tended to be a mixture of technical tutorials, personal stories and thoughts on ways of working. I’ve always had a personal website or blog in some shape or form and it’s always […]

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Thoughts on Some Surprising Feedback I Received in the Pub

Posted by on 7.7.23 in Ways of Working

A group of people chatting in a pub in the Netherlands, I think.
Photo by Victor Clime on Unsplash

Recently I attended a department all hands in the office and it was a pleasure to catch up with some colleagues in person. At the end of the day we were invited for a drink in a nearby pub. During the course of the evening I had a chat with someone, a couple of levels […]

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