Why Should I Blog?

Posted by on 9.9.23 in Ways of Working

Someone typing on a MacBook with a well used keyboard wearing a yellow ochre cardigan, a smart watch and what looks like an engagement ring.
Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

Ever since I started learning about web design and development, I have been interested in blogging. The posts I published in the past tended to be a mixture of technical tutorials, personal stories and thoughts on ways of working. I’ve always had a personal website or blog in some shape or form and it’s always […]

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Thoughts on Some Surprising Feedback I Received in the Pub

Posted by on 7.7.23 in Ways of Working

A group of people chatting in a pub in the Netherlands, I think.
Photo by Victor Clime on Unsplash

Recently I attended a department all hands in the office and it was a pleasure to catch up with some colleagues in person. At the end of the day we were invited for a drink in a nearby pub. During the course of the evening I had a chat with someone, a couple of levels […]

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Reverting Unstaged Changes with Git

Posted by on 5.25.23 in Git

A screenshot of Git branches
Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

Sometimes when I check out a branch, for example to review a Pull Request (PR) and then make a change to some of the files, I find that when I want to check out a different branch I get a Git error like the one below: In the past I have used git stash to […]

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Working from Home Setup

Posted by on 3.29.23 in WFH

Paolo's working from home setup
My working from home setup

For this particular post, I feel the need to explain why I would want to write about this in the first place. I seem to have a fascination with personal working spaces. When I used to work in the office, all the desks were very clinical and minimalist, but the remote working era has introduced […]

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Happy International Women’s Day

Posted by on 3.8.23 in Celebrations

A Mimosa plant and a blue sky in the background
Photo by Stefano Giliberti on Unsplash

In Italy it is tradition to give Mimosa flowers to women on International Women’s day. The plant blooms at this time of year with bright and scented flowers. The Mimosa is associated to strength and femininity and it was originally declared “pianta delle donne” in 1946 when the UDI (Unione Donne Italiane) was looking for […]

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Can You Just…

Posted by on 2.21.23 in Random

A busy coffee shop
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

There’s a word that antagonises me, probably more than it should and that is the word “just”. I hear it in different contexts, but each time it makes me think that the person using it is making light of the request they are making. At work I hear “Paolo, couldn’t we just do this?”, in […]

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